Screen grabs from final edit of My Ghost Story feature

July 12, 2011


My Ghost Story starring Mia Allen. Nearing the end of the first fine edit.

Stills from My Ghost Story

December 15, 2010

My Ghost Story – screen captures

December 13, 2010

Deep into the edit for My Ghost Story.

My Ghost Story – Stills from final night of shooting

October 15, 2010

We have finally wrapped shooting on My Ghost Story. The story of how this movie was shot, the trials and tribulations we had to overcome to get it made, the dedication it took…the “making of” would be a great movie in and of itself. We projected a lot of images that night…”Alice” sees her life played out before her in a dream…we projected video¬† from the movie itself onto her to achieve this look….the “ghost” is also a projected image…as the ghost and Alice are both played by the incomparable Mia Allen…the ghost represents Alice’s unconscious, and the movie plays out as Alice’s effort to integrate her conscious self and unconscious self and become a whole person.

My gratitude forever to Mia Allen for her dedication to the vision of this movie, and her startling performance, which I hope and expect will just be the first step on a long and incredible career.


“You’re a monster” – Closing in on wrapping My Ghost Story.

September 28, 2010

“You’re a monster, you’re a monster”, says Alice….as someone bashes their fist against the door….

I have loved every difficult, and beautiful,¬† moment of this project…the story of the making of my movie My Ghost Story rivals the movie itself. So proud to have stuck with it no matter the circumstances.

stills from My Ghost Story shoot last Sunday

September 10, 2010

one. more. shooting. day. left. aaaaah. here’s some video grab stills from the “finale” of My Ghost Story,

screen grabs for last night’s My Ghost Story shoot

August 12, 2010

Dead – Of a Broken Heart

April 8, 2010

Shooting finally resumed on My Ghost Story today…shooting the “Alice dreams she dies of a broken heart – literally.”

Here are a couple of iPhone photos taking quickly during shooting

My Ghost Story – the shooting continues!

April 6, 2010

A stunning shot from our shoot last month at the masonic. Mia Allen as “Alice” in My Ghost Story.

MIa Allen as Alice...dreaming.

Scouting location – Masonic temple

February 27, 2010

here’s some shots of the Masonic temple we’re shooting a day of My Ghost Story at a week from Sunday…


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